Lincoln Memorial Engagement Photos

We met at sunrise at arguably one of the most beautiful and historic of our nation’s monuments – the Lincoln Memorial. Kristina and Ryan both met and live in D.C. and they wanted their engagement photos to showcase their beautiful city and their personalities (scroll to the end to see our lifestyle shoot in their apartment).

Kristina’s looked amazing in her bold and blue dress, especially when paired with the white stone that surrounds the Lincoln Memorial.

Watching the sunrise on the National Mall was an experience that alone was worth waking up in the early morning hours. Capturing these two with less crowds made it doubly as worth it.

Both Kristina and Ryan have such fun-loving personalities and an inspiring zest to live life to its fullest.

I so enjoyed capturing them in their city and all cozy in their apartment. Ryan even cooked us some delicious pancakes and coffee to finish off this wonderful morning + shoot. I can’t wait for their D.C. Wedding in 2021!

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