To me, it's all about people, relationships, love & moments.

with 150 weddings photographed since 2014

You can trust me to pose and direct you, manage large parties with kind authority, and capture both candid and intimate moments with an editorial eye.

Most of all, you can trust that your experience with me will feel genuine, effortless and simply enjoyable. 

About Megan Kay

Even as a young girl ...


I fell in love with weddings at a young age, and when I received my first opportunity to photograph a wedding at age 17, I knew I had found the career I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.

People, relationships, love, and moments are what continue to draw me back to photography. On a wedding day, these four elements are the highlight of the celebration. Capturing these genuine moments as they unfold and knowing these photos will serve families for generations; reminding them of the love, moments, people, and relationships shared brings me so much joy.

I enjoyed using my parents' 35 mm camera, playing with sunshine and taking pictures of nature, my younger sisters, and our travels as a family. I adored seeing my mom light up when she would look through my photos and remember the times we shared as a family. The fact that we lived in a world where we had the technology to capture moments that we could later look back on wowed my young mind.

We grew up in a small and friendly town, where many of my favorite memories include attending and being a flower girl in multiple weddings. 

The best stories in my life seem to be the ones I couldn't have written myself.

It is my hope that my photographs help to paint the kind of memories that make you stop, take a deep breath, & treasure time, your people, & life’s fleeting moments. 

Even as a young girl ...


my husband, luke & i met at a wedding.

he was the videographer & i was the photographer

We got to know each other more over coffee the next day, and we both knew it was the start of something. At first, I worked to keep us at “just friends,” but life kept pulling us together.

Luke and I were both selected separately to help lead a mission trip to Uganda. The more we noticed that our dreams and passions aligned effortlessly, the more we fell in love. When we were in Uganda, amongst the tropical trees and serving the sweetest people, I knew he was the one for me, and I could envision our life and future adventures together. 

Dallas photographer and videographer

Our wedding day still feels like a dream to me. I had photographed over one hundred weddings prior to our day and pictured my wedding since I had been a little girl.

The day truly flies by and it is the little moments that replay in my memory the most vividly.

We both deeply treasure our wedding day photographs and film as they take us back to this sweet and emotional day and remind us of the love that we pledged to one another and the love that we share with each other and our family and friends. 

We wed on a cold & drizzly December day at a beautiful French-inspired Chateau in the Texas countryside. 

Passionate about life & people.
a forever student, here to preserve life’s sweetest moments.

Dreamer, lover of a good adventure, film critic, A gentleman who can get along with anyone.

Those who meet Luke are immediately drawn to his joyful countenance and welcoming personality. He is an incredible encourager who pushes others to be the best versions of themselves.

Originally from Malaysia, Luke comes from a unique blend of culture and experiences and longs to both see and share more with the world. Luke and Megan work as a harmonious duo, creating an exciting and memorable experience for their clients.  

Enamored with the beauty of light and love, Megan longs to create work that is both genuine and artful, that tells stories of moments and details for the generations to come. She has a heart for people and longs to share light and love with all whom she meets.

Photography has brought her to some of the most beautiful corners of the United States and the world. Making friends, creating images, and telling stories brings her life. She strives to enjoy the blessing of the present while also preparing for the exciting adventures and stories she longs to tell in the future. 



traveling is our favorite


We are always dreaming up our next trip. Many of our favorite memories are spontaneous happenstances that occured on one of our adventures. 

We're passionate about missions


We serve on leadership with a non-profit called Reaction Tour and have traveled to the Middle East, Uganda, and the Navajo Nation. Reaction Tour works to connect young people with their passions and give them the tools they need to succeed. We hold camps and workshops that teach business, art, music, photo, video, and dance. 

food is our love language


We are always looking to try the best restaurants in Dallas and in the cities where we travel. We thoroughly enjoy the experience of sitting in a restaurant, enjoying beautiful interior design, and eating from a thoughtfully crafted menu. However, if we are really hungry and indecisive, we can always happily settle on Chick-Fil-A. 

we love to stay active


We love finding new ways to work out! You can frequently find us adventuring on our local trails or trying new work out studios on ClassPass. Megan loves yoga, HIIT, and running. Luke loves cycling, strength training, and boxing. 

An unforgettable experience for your unforgettable day.