To me, it's all about people, relationships, love & moments.

with 200 weddings photographed since 2014

You can trust me to pose and direct you, manage large parties with kind authority, and capture both candid and intimate moments with an editorial eye.

Most of all, you can trust that your experience with me will feel genuine, effortless and simply enjoyable. 

About Megan Kay

Even as a young girl ...


I fell in love with weddings at a young age, and when I received my first opportunity to photograph a wedding at age 17, I knew I had found the career I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.

People, relationships, love, and moments are what continue to draw me back to photography. On a wedding day, these four elements are the highlight of the celebration. Capturing these genuine moments as they unfold and knowing these photos will serve families for generations; reminding them of the love, moments, people, and relationships shared brings me so much joy.

I enjoyed using my parents' 35 mm camera, playing with sunshine and taking pictures of nature, my younger sisters, and our travels as a family. I adored seeing my mom light up when she would look through my photos and remember the times we shared as a family. The fact that we lived in a world where we had the technology to capture moments that we could later look back on wowed my young mind.

We grew up in a small and friendly town, where many of my favorite memories include attending and being a flower girl in multiple weddings. 

It is my hope that my photographs help to paint the kind of memories that make you stop, take a deep breath, & treasure time, your people, & life’s fleeting moments. 

Even as a young girl ...


My best friend's name is kodak


(Yes, like the camera! Can you tell I love my profession?) He's only a few months old but my rambunctious Golden Doodle puppy has officially stolen my heart!

I'm an avid podcast listener


I love listening to podcasts that empower me to promote growth in myself and in my business. Some of my faves are Dare to Develop, Elevation Church, Play it Brave, Goal Digger Podcast, The Refined Collective, and Jesus Said Love Podcast.

I'm a small town city girl


I grew up in a small town, but now totally consider myself a city girl.  I thoroughly enjoy aspects of both!

I love to stay active


Finding ways to move my body (that I like!) is important to me - especially if I've been sitting at my desk editing all day! I love a good run or the nearest spin class.

An unforgettable experience for your unforgettable day.